P-trans is the company, that has been engaged in international passenger transportation for more than 5 years.
In the shortest possible we have created a bus network, that was able to satisfy our customers.
Thank's to the simplicity of booking tickets and the increasing number of routes, we give travelers the opportunity to
discover a new world, spending on it minimum of founds. Our buses meet the requirements of comforts
and are a convinient alternative to a private car. 
Our buses are equipped with wireless internet Wi-Fi, that allows passengers to stay in touch with their 
loved ones and relatives while they traveling abroad. bus is the safest way to travel. you are always
safe to get to your destination with P-Trans, because safety is our priorit.
Our buses meet the safety standards and our drivers have been trained in 
the most up-to-date techniques. bying a ticket on the of buses you will able to make
sure of this. http://p-trans.pl  buy a ticket and go on a journey with us!
Contact info: +48 888 594 574  +380 95 550 91 91  +380 97 550 91 91 
Office locations: