Return of tickets

To return a ticket, you must fill in a standard Application form.
An application form is filled in that corresponds to the currency in which the ticket was paid:
  • application for returning a ticket is paid in hryvnias (download).
All fields of the Application must be filled completely, using the proper and valid at the time of filling in the information. An Application with false, irrelevant or incomplete information will not be considered, and money for such an Application  will not be returned.    
The completed Application must be scanned and sent to e-mail:
Also, in case of loss or blocking of the card from which the ticket / -s were paid, the scanned 1st  and 2nd  pages of the passport and the identification code (or the page of the passport with the corresponding mark) must be attached to the application. Without submission of the application, the ticket is not cancelled or returned  and money will not be returned.  
The sum of retention for an unused and returned ticket depends on the time period from the moment of submission of the Application to the departure of the bus. To clarify the sum you need to call the office and clarify the sum of money  with the operator. Money for the returned  ticket will be paid to the person who paid the ticket, in the same way as it was paid for, and the for the requisites of which the payment was made.
Promotional tickets can not be returned!
The repayment period takes up to 30 calendar days.